Priority One Clearing Shares Magazines For The Taste Buds

If you are guilty of watching Food Network on a daily basis, you have indeed earned the foodie label. We recently learned the folks at Priority One Clearing Services are fellow foodies too. Although, the Priority One Clearing staff doesn’t need to visit restaurants and attempt to dissect each seasoning nuance. All they have to do is select a food magazine from their subscription options.

Now, if you want to cook as well as the experts on Chopped, all you need to do is consider the advice provided by the magazine experts at Priority One Clearing Services.


Cooking has taken it up a notch. The internet and magazine options have made a literal worldof recipes available at our fingertips. Since there are so many options available, we decided to get some expert advice. We contacted the magazine gurus at Priority One Clearing. Priority One Clearing is a magazine subscription clearinghouse (you can learn more here). As such, they know all the best—and sometimes not yet super popular—magazines.

Here are what the staff at Priority One Magazines suggest. Welcome to the realm of magazines for your taste buds!


This is an award winning magazine that embodies all that world cuisine ever hoped to be. It engages chefs and adventurers by pairing travel and food articles. While it focuses on heritage and tradition, it enables the reader to step outside of her own world-view and garner a deeper understanding of culture and environment.

Saveur is published by Bonnier Corporation. There are nine issues each year. Readers will have the pleasure of exposure to local experts and famous chefs as they learn tips and techniques along with family recipes they’d never see elsewhere. Savor the literary delicacy that is Saveur.


No doubt the grabbing force behind a subscription to this magazine is the fact that there are no ads! The magazine is chock full of recipes that readers seem to love. In fact, readers claim the shopping lists and directions are simple yet, the meals taste gourmet.

They publish 6 issues a year and a two year subscription will net you a copy of their grilling book as well. Cuisine at Home is so confident about the value of their magazine, they’ll send you a free preview copy, no strings attached! You can’t go wrong with this taste bud thriller.


As we mentioned previously, Food Network, and its most amusing television lineup, is an essential part of the foodie life. However, no home chef’s magazine repertoire is complete without the Food Network Magazine. All your favorite TV personalities contribute to the deliciousness included therein.

Twelve issues a year can be purchased in conjunction with the digital edition. If you choose that option, you’ll have the magazine available on your i-gadgets before the print issue hits the stands! If we were ranking these mags, this would be at the top. Why? Where else are you going to get Anne Burrell, Guy Fieri and those blonde mops?


Don’t let the title make you shy away. Indeed, some people see food and wine paired together and think that their sweatpants-wearing-selves are just too ordinary for something so extravagant. However, like fine tea, wine is available to all (at the appropriate age, of course), and can be paired with ordinary spaghetti, or a gourmet meal.

Food & Wine is published 12 times a year and is filled with informative articles and interviews. This isn’t just a recipe magazine, this is a smorgasbord of information and fine dining direction. It’s a cuisine magazine for the upper echelon at a blue collar price.


True, this isn’t just a cooking magazine. However, the combination of gardening, travel, decorating and hospitality makes this the perfect magazine to end our list with. When we think tea, we think sweet tea. That’s why no cooking magazine list on a tea blog should fail to include Southern Living.

There’s no food that fits the comfort food concept better than fried chicken, mashed potatoes and a pot of greens or some fried okra. At least that’s how we do it in the South. Southern Living will give those of you located elsewhere a glimpse into the laid back, creative Southern life. Plus, you get 13 issues a year, because Southerners are always going the extra mile. Bon appétit (another magazine you can check out)!


All the foodies reading this should be eager to get some new subscriptions. If that’s the case, check out what Priority One Clearing has to offer. Since Priority One Clearing Services works with the most popular publishers in the industry, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Thanks to our friends at Priority One Clearing Services for all their help. While we at Jasmine Tea Blog know cooking and baking, we aren’t super educated about magazines. So, we are very appreciative to the foodies at Priority One Clearing for helping us out.

If none of the above mentioned magazines are tantalizing your taste buds, check out Priority One Clearing’s MAD (Make a Difference) list. If all else fails, grab a subscription and help support a local charity.

And, if you’ve got additional suggestions, please tell us about them in the comments section. We love hearing from our readers.